World Environment Day 2019

World Environment Day 2019 Plantation activity at NPKL

Date: 05/06/2019

Time: 9.30 AM

Venue: Block 1 Sector H buffer zone park

Event: Plantation drive on occasion of “World Environment Day 2019”


  • BDA Forest department team and BDA stakeholders

  • Members of NPKL Open Forum

  • L&T team

  • Representatives from Farmers.


  1. BDA chairman Sri ST Somashekar inaugurated the plantation drive by planting a sapling in Nadaprabhu kempegowda layout at Block 1 sector H buffer zone.

  2. This plantation drive is organized in coordination with BDA forest department, L&T team and NPKL open forum team. Around 100+ members participated in the plantation drive by planting a sapling individually. Our forum appreciates all the participants who took part in this event.

  3. We planted around 100 saplings of different varieties namely Neem, Nerale, peepul, honge, Shivani, basavanapadha, renjal, etc..

    1. The plantation area has been fenced well, so that saplings will be under safe zone.

    2. Plantation is done at 4 lanes by maintaining 5mtr distance between the saplings.

    3. Each sapling is at least 6 to 7 feet tall, thanks to BDA forest department for hand picking the right one. With this height it highly difficult for cattle to graze.

    4. Each sapling has been supported well with a stake for efficiently raising it.

    5. This saplings are at least 3 years aged that are raised in a well defined environment.

    6. Each sapling is planted in a 1x1mtr pit by maintaining sufficient depth thereby creating a sink basin to absorb the water efficiently as shown in image.

    7. Saplings are planted in a zig zag fashion across the 4 lanes which has provided an excellent aesthetics to the surroundings.

  4. Pre Plantation activities :NPKL Open Forum team coordinated with L&T team, BDA Forest department for a smoother execution of the event. This includes

    1. Identifying the plantation area: for this all the above stakeholders worked at ground level to identify the target area.

    2. Levelling of plantation area.

    3. Forest department provided key inputs to L&T team for preparing the plantation area.

    4. Selection of native saplings and purchase.

    5. Planting methods and an efficient strategy to raise the same.

    6. Preparing program agenda, arranging beverages.

    7. Creating awareness among NPKL Open Forum members for the need of plantation drive.

    8. Inviting guest/forum members and other key stakeholders from BDA.

  5. Chairman received grievance from allottee’s and assured for timely development of layout

    1. Further Chairman on the spot directed BDA Secretary to process the file which was submitted by BDA forest department for plantation activities, when once the file is processed BDA forest department can invite tender for plantation activities across NPKL.

    2. BDA forest department has quoted around 5Cr budget for BDA administrative team in order to execute plantation activities across NPKL.

    3. Also chairman assured our forum members to conduct a block wise meeting along with him to solve all our grievances.

    4. NPKL Open forum members shared a representation copy to BDA chairman which includes early infrastructure developments and all other grievances.

  6. BDA forest department officers DCF Gopinath, ACF Sadhanandhappa and their team members Gangadhar, Mohan and Srinath have provided significant inputs and they worked at ground level for execution of plantation drive, our forum appreciate BDA forest department for their sincere efforts put forward in this regard.

    1. Coordinating for plantation drive along with L&T and NPKL Open Forum team.

    2. Forest officers educated the members about the saplings and its importance.

    3. Provided vivid details on native saplings, safeguarding and raising the plantation

    4. Sapling technique, preparation of plantation area, creating sink basin

  7. L&T team : L&T has given enough support to our forum for executing the plantation drive through there CSR initiative, our forum appreciate L&T team for their dedication shown towards conservation of ecosystem.

    1. Key members from L&T team namely Kamath, Vinay, Rithesh, Vamsi, Annamali has provided there valuable support to execute the event successfully. (Kindly excuse us if in case if we left out any other names) our forum appreciate each and every individual from L&T team in all their hierarchy positions, right from the workers to the executive level who has given support for this noble cause.

    2. Thanks to L&T team for arranging breakfast which includes Kesaribath, Upma Coffee/Tea and drinking water facilities.

    3. L&T has plans to plant around 10000 saplings across NPKL for this year alone in coordination with NPKL open forum and BDA forest department, the same will be maintained for a period of 12years.

    4. L&T team has coordinated well and have provided support in every means, on plantation drive L&T team had deployed around 20+ labourers, our forum appreciate all L&T workers for contributing their efforts in this noble cause

  8. Upcoming Plantation drives: Up to our best knowledge our forum will strive hard to conserve the ecosystem in all possible ways across NPKL. In upcoming days the plantation drive will be taken forward in all the blocks of NPKL, we will keep you posted for the same.