NPKL Open Forum Newsletter May 2019

NPKL Open Forum Newsletter May 2019


We are glad to inform all our members that our team has received an official demo of NPKL infrastructure from BDA Engineering department facilitated by L&T engineers and Tandon Urban Solutions PMC's(Project Management Consultants)

After a repeated follow up with BDA Commissioner and EM (Engineering member) we were able to influence BDA for an outdoor demo.

Demo venue : NPKL Block 4 Sector F

NPKL Open Forum Attendees : Sridhar Ashok, Nikhil, Sham, Surya, Santhosh, Sairam, Ajit, Bharath, Gowdaiah, Srini and his son Lochan

Tandon PMC's : Basavaraj, Basava Prasad

L&T Engineers : Annamalai, Vamsi

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Infrastructure Demo Details.

  1. Waterlines : Each site receives a dual line water supply. One of the channel carries a fresh water line via Ductile Iron pipes and the other carries a STP treated water via HDPE, High-density polyethylene pipe. Please refer the dual water pipeline pic that we have shared along with this post. Note :

    1. STP treated water can be used for flushing lavatories, vehicle cleansing, for gardening purpose.

    2. Treated water is not fit for drinking/bathing.

    3. Sufficient Hydraulic pressure is maintained in the pipeline system, so that water will be elevated upto 30 feet (3 floors)

    4. No need to externally pump the water from the ground level.

    5. For the consumer to easily differentiate between freshwater and STP treated water a unique color coding will be followed for the water pipe lines.

    6. Vendors are employing MBR(Membrane Bioreactor ) technique to treat sewage/waste water. Refer for more details on MBR process.

    7. Every site receives fresh water and treated water via MDPE(medium density polyethylene) pipe

  2. Ducts : Utility pipes like DI water lines and electric cable lines are carried over ducts. (refer pic for better understanding)Ducts are laid out at only one side of the road. Opposite site receives all utilities from chambers via Hume pipes.

  3. Chambers : Chambers are designed in square shaped, each chamber serves 4 sites (Refer pic) for distributing all utilities (water line, electricity)

    1. Chambers will be covered with specially marked covering slabs for easy identification of utilities across the ducts.

  4. RCC Hume pipes : via these pipes utilities are carried over for opposite sites.

  5. Plantation : Plantation is provisioned at only one side of the road due to utility lines laid out on the other side of the road.

  6. Manhole and Pits.

    1. Manhole chamber (this is similar to septik tank concept) is pre casted with concrete structure.

    2. Each Manhole serves for approximately 4-6 sites.

    3. All drainage outlets from sites are flushed out to this manhole.

    4. Pits are dug out approximately 3 to 4 mtrs depth depending on the elevation of the road.

    5. Manhole is installed in this pit.

    6. There is a Provision to step down in Manhole for labourers to service it as and when required.

    7. Via Vacuum this Manhole will be cleansed if there are any blockages in Manholes

    8. Manholes are interconnected via DWC pipes (Double Wall Corrugated pipes)

  7. STP Sewage Treatment plant

    1. STP receives all inputs from Manhole lines via DWC pipes.

    2. STP treats waste/sewage water at various levels and finally it will be treated with MBR technology. Refer

    3. From STP, treated water will be distributed to all the sites via High-density polyethylene channel.

    4. Finally Consumer make use of this STP water, and the cycle repeats.

  8. SWD Storm water drain : Rain water is channelised via SWD lanes, this SWD lanes are let out to Rajakaluve/ secondary SWD from Rajakaluve collected storm water is let out to water bodies. In SWD pits are created at regular intervals to recharge ground water as rain water harvesting. Note : As of now we do not have provision/proposal to purify this water before letting it to water bodies.

  9. Electricity

    1. As per the below specifications from BESCOM we receive 3 Phase Load

    2. Load Site (in sqft)

      • 3KW - 600

      • 5KW - 600-1200

      • 7KW - 1200-2400

      • 9KW - 2400 -4000

    3. For sites ranging greater than 4000 sq ft for every extra 400 sq ft the consumer will receive 1KW additional load. Ex : site measuring 4400 sq ft will receive 9KW+1KW totally 10KW

    4. Via XLPE underground cable (cross-linked polyethylene /PEX) we receive electric power lines. Refer

    5. A Feeder pillar will be installed usually in nearby CA sites, each Feeder pillar can serve 10 sites it can be extended for upto 12 sites too.

  10. Smart street light : NPKL has a high end sophisticated smart street lights controlled by app controlled web based application. Smart street lights has below capabilities.

    1. On/off controlled by web based application

    2. equipped with motion sensors.

    3. Auto dimming level based on motion sensor

    4. LED street lights with below capacity 65W for 9 mtr road , 90W for 12mtr road.

  11. GLSR : Ground Level Service Reservoir. NPKL is powered with 4 GLSR . GLSR are installed in below locations. Kannahali, Ramasandra school, archakara badavane, Seegehalli. From Magadi road GSLR all other GLSR will be recharged with fresh water via gravity lines facilitated over MAR road utility channels. GLSR is spherical shaped (Refer pic) its diameter varies from 60 to 64 meters, depth 8mtr, 15MLD tank capacity (that is GLSR has capacity to store 15000000 Litres)

  12. Gas Line : From BDA as of now there is no proposal for Gas line, we need to add a proposal for the same.

  13. Maintenance : All infrastructure utilities are maintained by L&T and SPML for 10 Years.

  14. NPKL Open Forum Infrastructure Demo

Major Arterial road

  1. Arterial road is a 330 ft wide road with the following lane order :

    • footpath + cyclepath + 2 lane service road + median + 3 lane main carriage + metro provisioned median + 3 lane main carriage + median + 2 lane service road + cycle path + footpath

  2. MAR will have a tunnel going under the railway tracks and the BMRCL Depot to join the Mysore road. Metro station connectivity will be at the end of the tunnel. Tunnel work to be taken up by BMRCL

  3. Star Developers contracted with the creation of MAR road, boulevard creation will be part of a separate contract that will be tendered at a later stage

  4. Current phase of MAR planning will see the 100mts road abruptly joining the Magadi road without any flyover or underpasses. This is a concern that will create a traffic bottleneck

  5. 8 junctions are planned across MAR with junction loops at these points. (No Flyovers planned)

  6. Land for Arterial road after padmashree college till seegehalli yet to be handed over to star developer

  7. NPKL Major Arterial Road (MAR) -

BDA Engineering team

We met EE Mr. Shashikumar and few block engineers. We discussed on below points

  1. Infrastructure completion : EE assured infrastructure will be completed by 2020,as per him 65% infrastructure provisioning is completed overall,work will continue and meet deadline as planned.

  2. Sapling will be started in coming monsoon but we need to coordinate with BDA forest department..they will start sapling on buffer zone,lake bed, parks and open spaces

  3. EE assured as per CDP existing road which connects from sir mv will be upgraded and they will try to form roads for sector to sector block to block continuity and try to form roads for sites which has NNA,private and revenue layouts.

  4. Gas pipeline provision is done Arterial road but not in residential areas,when we requested to install he mentioned this can be taken up when 45% resident move to layout

  5. When we asked CA site allottees he mentioned CA sites allocation completed which was called twice,when we requested for list he suggested to check with allotment section. 35% Park,CA area is reserved as per Town planning guidelines.we requested for a CA site for forum,he suggested to reach allotment section

  6. Playground is not planned,when we requested for big playgrounds EE suggested to submit a representation

  7. Regarding brick factory notification and converting them to CA sites request,EE mentioned it will be acquired and utilised as residential area or CA area

  8. Regarding new map in website,EE mentioned map gets updated regularly as per the land acquired in recent days so he mentioned it can't be update regularly in website. Regarding infrastructure update newsletter every month in website,EE mentioned they will try but no guarantee assurance

  9. RERA,EE mentioned we registered and renewed but looks like they are not serious on implementing RERA

  10. SWD continuity,EE assured to inter connect SWD,due to land issues at some places for SWD hence its disconnected,such issues will be solved soon...water from SWD will be fed to lakes

  11. They do have plans to rejuvenate lakes but EE suggested to discuss with lake incharge for more details

  12. Bus bay,When we highlighted bus bays are not planned in each blocks,EE assured it will be planned soon

  13. Red soil and sand issue is solved with the help of police..When we highlighted garbage,building bedry dumping issue,EE mentioned they will file a police complaint and he also suggested us to file a complaint from forum side

  14. Hi-tech zone land is still with KIADB,EE suggested to work with KIADB to setup hi-tech zone

  15. IAS officers association got land near seegehalli

  16. Arterial road termination at Magadi road end is not planned, we insisted for proper plan.we also suggested for signal free arterial road corridor.

Our Exclusive Videos about Infrastructure and MAR

NPKL In Pictures

Infrastructure Demo

BDA Engineering team meeting

Arterial Road Cross section View, Current Satellite view of progress, Proposed Tunnel roads at Mysore Road Junction

Duct lane

Chamber housing DI and HDPE pipes along with XLPE electric cable

Precast concrete Manhole

Manhole installed in this Pit, receiving Sewage from site

Unique identifiable slab cover, to cover chamber laid out across the ducts

Electric junction box

Sanitary pipeline from individual site to manhole

Utility to other side of sites

Cement channel to connect ducts,utility pipeline installed over these channel's

GLR B1 H sector

GLR B1 near seegehalli

Ramasandra Between B2 and B3

GLR in B7 opposite archakara layout

Satellite view of B7 GLR

Arterial road work in progress

Electric poles

Fenced park,buffer zones in few blocks

Pipelines installed in roads

Different pipelines used for infrastructure