NPKL Open Forum 2019 First Half Activities

Overview of NPKL Open Forum Activities during 2020

Rewind 2020


  1. We started our January 2020 journey by sending our suggestion to Common Mobility Plan (CMP) conducted by BMRCL, Suggestions from Forum are as below.

    1. Magadi Road metro speedy implementation

    2. Seegahalli Inter-Modal Transit hub (IMTH)

    3. Major Arterial Road Metro

  2. Request for Hi tech zone in NPKL to DCM team as a follow up to shortlisted ideas based on Twitter campaign by the DCM for state budget

  3. Request for Multi-specialty hospital in NPKL to DCM team as a follow up to shortlisted ideas based on Twitter campaign by the DCM for state budget


  1. Met Commissioner G C Prakash on Feb 1 St, and team and highlighted all issues, concerns, suggestions. During the Commissioner meeting Land Acquisition team informed that land is reserved for Multi-Specialty hospital as per GoK instructions in Block 6 Bheemanakuppe as we proposed to GoK during state budget preparations.

  2. On February Forum successfully presented all ground level facts & figures in RERA hearings and got below historical directions

    1. Instruction given to BDA to share updated maps

    2. Project completion by 2021 December fixed.

    3. RERA directed BDA to share Financial, schedules documents, quarterly updates.

    4. RERA instructed BDA to share details of Bank account for NPKL project fund details

    5. RERA directed BDA to give Letter for allottees whose bank loan changed from housing to commercial loan because of bank house construction clause violation. This letter will help bank to realize layout is not ready for construction and RoI change can be re-considered.

    6. RERA instructed BDA to discuss in its board on Late payment Penalty from 18,21% to SBI lending rate+2% as per RERA guidelines

  3. Joint audit of work in layout with Engineering team on Feb 15th

  4. Gathered and shared list of allottees impacted by delays in PC/Khata to BDA.

  5. Membership drive started from 23rd February, off-line drive conducted in Gnana Bharathi campus and later online drive started in the month of February, due to corona online membership is going on till date


  1. Via representation forum requested honorable CM for funding NPKL with revenue from corner site auction

  2. Follow up on PID missing in khatha & We highlighted harassment faced by allottees to get PID number with newspaper article, representation and after discussion BDA uploaded PID NPKL list on website and in recent khatha PID numbers also captured.

  3. Requested via representation planning for taking up sapling’s plantation during 2020 Monsoon


  1. Follow up on missed PID's for individual allottees whose PID was missing in uploaded PID list

  2. Representation Shared with BDA with details of survey numbers on MAR where works yet to start and requested to speedup work.

  3. Meeting with the new Commissioner & team in the month of June with overall discussion on all issues, concerns and suggestions.


  1. We convinced commissioner to form WhatsApp group and include all NPKL related departments heads to highlight issues and concerns, work related status, exchange ideas for which he positively responded, and WhatsApp group created where we constructively highlighting all issues, concerns, suggestions

  2. As per forum request STP functioning demo arranged in IISC campus.

  3. Dual site registration issue highlighted by few allottees which we escalated to BDA and such issues are rectified immediately

  4. Block wise volunteers called for capturing each sector, block issues, concerns, challenges but this not worked as planned due to covid


  1. Npkl open items presented to BDA to be taken up at board meetings

  2. Shared list of allottees who paid long ago but their site registration delayed by BDA

  3. We Highlighted unauthorized temples in CA, Parks as outcome unauthorized temples constructions stopped.


  1. After lockdown work started from Block 1 like manhole erection, street light pole, feeder pillar work, Channel inter connection work and gradually they started such works in Block 2,3,4,5 by L&T. Spml-amruth concentrated manhole work from Block 5B zone, block 6,7,8,9, and street light pole, feeder pillar work started from block 7 recently and gradually such work will be taken up in other blocks


  1. Forum members details, fund collected published after verifying all offline, online applications

  2. Forum written letter to BDA highlighting problems of low lying, seepage areas of few parts of few blocks, as result of this we could see infrastructure work also started in such areas now. We also requested for permanent solution for such areas.

  3. BDA revised penalty for empty/vacant site, so forum written letter to GoK, BDA to reconsider such penalty in underdeveloped layout and requested to give minimum 5 years for house construction after infrastructure completed

  4. Forum took initiatives to publish Layout all blocks work progress report in the form of Monthly newsletter from here onwards.


  1. Forum delegation met RERA secretary to resume RERA complaint hearing and discussed on few of open items

  2. RERA complaint hearing resumed after lockdown

  3. As result of our repetitive request, escalations BDA Commissioner, EM and all other related team visited Block 6,7,8,9 from Spml-Amrutha and 1,3,4 blocks of L&T


  1. During November and December RERA hearing forum highlighted BDA not full filled any of directions given in the month of February hearing direction we highlighted same and clear instructions given to adhere to directions.

    1. Overall layout map and blocks maps shared and uploaded in BDA website.

    2. Month wise target set by BDA to complete infrastructure by 2021 December in 2640 acres of land where layout formed and infrastructure work in progress

    3. Overall financial report uploaded, work completed block wise data uploaded

    4. Bi-weekly progress internal, contractor review meeting and action plan made to speed up work in progress

    5. Speed up pending land acquisition plan shared by BDA and set target to complete pending land acquisition by next 6 months by resolving 400-500 acre per month and agreed to share list of land litigation details soon

    6. Partial payments are done to contractors

    7. Chairman highlighted pending land acquisition issues will be resolved by negotiation in layout and funds for infrastructure work will be arranged

    8. As per our escalations block 5A zone, block 6,7 STP locations are finalized and handed over to contractors for work

  2. As per latest maps we observed BDA honored our suggestions on BDA complex, Playgrounds request in each block which we highlighted in every meeting and now BDA reserved land for BDA complex, Playgrounds in each block in revised maps, initially 1 BDA complex was proposed and 2 playgrounds proposed.

  3. We requested to prepare master plan for sapling activities across layout since civil work is targeted to complete by December 2021

  4. Instruction given to spml-amruth contractor as per forum escalations to take up parallel work, increase manpower from block 5B zone, block 6,7,8,9

  5. Road work in layout will be started in block 1 & 7 so all major works concentrated to finish soon in both blocks and parallel works are taken up in other blocks

PS: Forum guided members on registration process, PC, EC, Khatha, PID every day