NPKL Open Forum 2019 First Half Activities

Overview of NPKL Open Forum Activities during 2019 First Half

  1. We represented to the CM and DyCM and constantly followed up with BDA for time extension for full payment, finally BDA confirmed the GoK’s decision to provide an extra 60 days time period. totally 120 days penalty free time period since the date of receiving the allotment letter.

  2. Our forum took a rigorous agenda to improve connectivity to NPKL and met GOK CS, ACS, UDD, BMRCL, RITES, K-RIDE SW Railway for below implementations in our layout. As a result GoK approved Challaghatta metro station and multimodal transport hub DPR in 2018 state budget. We have recently reached out to CM for considering our request for Metro along MAR and intermodal transport hub at Chellaghatta. We look forward for your help in achieving these facilities at our layout and get metro along MAR which can go a long way in boosting the layout development. We have recently submitted our representations to the CM in this regard.

    1. Challaghatta metro

    2. Multi-modal transport hub

    3. Suburban station at Challaghatta

    4. MAR metro

  3. Our layout formation is happening from scratch and there is no government Multi-specialty hospitals in West part of Bengaluru, hence we submitted a representation to Honorable CM, DyCM and Health Department. We request BDA to write a letter to the concerned departments to implement Multi-specialty hospital in layout vicinity from your end by giving population related statistics and need for multi-Specialty hospital. Hopefully BDA will reserve the land for same.

  4. KIADB issued preliminary notification to form IT hub in layout vicinity 2009, we requested Gok to initiate this project again which can help to create jobs and traffic in the city be considerably reduced.

  5. We and our members regularly visit layout, we pointed out quality differences between L&T and SPML and after our followup SPML quality has improved and authority promised to maintain L&T quality standard.

  6. Lakhs of trees were uprooted to form the layout, hence we submitted Representation to authority and met forest wing of BDA to discuss needs of sapling varieties of plants across layout in this monsoon. Forest wing has done layout inspection and report is submitted for board approval to carry out sapling in buffer zones, lake beds, parks and open spaces which are now available to carry out this activity. On world environment day BDA,L&T and open forum carried out 100 sapling as inauguration which was taken up as a joint activity between our member, BDA Forest Department Officials, Engineers, L&T Engineers and workers. The event was inaugurated by Sri. ST Somashekar.

  7. We have written letters to CM, DyCM, Chairman, Commissioner to conserve lakes of NPKL vicinity, we came to know that authority prepared action plan to save lakes and water bodies across layout

  8. There were illegal red soil and sand excavation happened in few blocks, which we brought to authority notice to take immediate action and authority able to stop such illegal activities.

  9. Our forum has been bringing up various issues across the layout and are following up with BDA in finding relevant solutions. One such example can be seen in the case of Block 1 K sector which faced rain water logging problem. With our forum's active participation BDA planned a channel for Storm water which will help hundreds of families to live peacefully in the future.

  10. Our members who were allotted with odd(30/50) sites were asked to pay for the extra land at higher dimension site rates i.e 60*40. With our timely intervention, we were able to get the rates revised to 30*40 level. The revision is awaiting board approval.

  11. Recently BDA introduced online khata and tax payment. We raised various issues with the system that were hindering smooth online processing. BDA is now in the process of stabilising the system. We need many such online services from BDA to make BDA property owners life easy.

  12. Upon our request BDA facilitated layout infrastructure and arterial road demo, which made us to understand the plans. We created Demo animation for better understanding of the facilities and also create a positive outlook in the community about the layout. Our videos can be found in our NPKLOPENFORM youtube channel.