NPKL Open Forum 2018 Activities

A Brief Overview NPKL Open Forum 2018 Activities

  1. NPKL PHASE 2 Site allotment notification was published during December 2017

  2. Last day for submitting application was on 09/02/18 and there after it was extended to few more weeks.

  3. Around 15000 applicants have shown up interest to apply for BDA site.

  4. With the help of mybdasite and relakhs websites we were able to ask questions, clarify doubts for some extent but many insisted to form WhatsApp groups. With the help of like minded folks, we created common groups. Interested members joined our open forum group. We started sharing key inputs across the groups and started motivating the group members.We initiated few gatherings on Sundays.

  5. We started pressuring BDA to publish provisional list. Since BDA failed to notify provisional list timely hence we unitedly gathered and represented in BDA office (during 2nd week of June) and pressurised BDA commissioner to publish the provisional list, as a result of it BDA published provisional list on 29th June 2018

  6. Phase2 applicants have waited nearly 6-7 months to publish provisional list, without gaining any interest on their initial deposits.

  7. We analysed provisional list and few were unable to make into the provisional list even if they had eligibility criteria.We guided those genuine individuals to prove there eligibility by producing there earlier attempts to BDA, as a result of it Few eligible applicants were able to make it in Final allotment.

  8. We continuously followed up with BDA to announce Final allotment list and the same was announced on 25th September 2018. On allotment day we represented to CM Kumaraswamy, DCM Parameshwar, BDA commissioner and others with our memorandum.

  9. We analysed the allotment list and identified issues like the following. We followed up with media and BDA commissioner to rectify the same.

    1. Duplicate site allotment.

    2. 50*80 list was not out.

  10. We started creating block-wise groups under name of OPEN-FORUM and moved individuals/group members to their respective allotted blocks.

  11. We started sharing significant inputs like the following. This list is not exhaustive and we have shared a lot more specific details.

    1. Identifying buffer zone limits

    2. low lying areas

    3. Land Litigation issues using kaveri portal(via RTC).

    4. blockwise maps.

    5. Site engineers details.

    6. Google pin location to reach out the respective blocks and sectors.

    7. BDA Pending case list.

    8. Infrastructure progress.

    9. L&T and SPML contracts.

  12. We started focusing towards media for key issues like

    1. buffer zone issues

    2. litigation issues.

    3. HTL issues

    4. graveyard issue

    5. low lying area issue

    6. Brick factory issues

    7. CA sites / park/playground and other reserved sites encroachment.

    8. Kannahalli/Seegehalli waste plants.

  13. We were able to drag attention from DcM,GoK Commissioner too. Lots of series of articles were published in leading news papers like Prajavani/Vijaya Karnataka/Deccan Herald/New Indian Express etc.

  14. We represented to BDA commissioner during September with our memoranda of discrepancies in the allotted sites, as a result of it BDA commissioner directed site engineer Chetan Anand to provide a detailed report on the issues that we flagged. For the first time BDA accepted flaws and given official press statement accepting flaws and assured alternate sites for genuinely affected allottees. Few were able to get re-allotted who has buffer zone and other miscellaneous issues.

  15. We created Irregularities group to focus on discrepancies in the allotted sites and resolution for the same. Group memorandum, Individual letter were submitted as a result official notification on accepting issues by BDA on all leading news papers and individual letter by BDA clarifying whether the site is formed by taking standard buffer zone in to consideration to each individual is also first in the history of BDA, which boosted confidence to few allottees.

  16. We provided inputs on

    1. Acceptance procedure.

    2. Payment procedure.

    3. After payment, registration process.

    4. Khata process

    5. fetching RTC/ EC procedures

    6. RTI process and its importance.

    7. regular updates on BDA matter from print,electronic media

    8. trying members not to bribe officials by sharing all the information to tackle bribe, harassments from official's.

  17. With the help of Mr Suresh Kumar MLA Rajajinagar and Mr Somashekar MLA Yeshwanthpur we were able to bring some of flaws, concerns to government, both MLA asked questions on litigation,HT line, buffer zone, graveyard, Seegehalli Kannahalli plants issue in sessions which made a lot of differences.

  18. With the help of BDA engineers and from all other genuine sources like NGT verdicts, email to KPTCL on standard distance to sites from HT lines..standard town planning guidelines were collected from which we gathered standard distances of buffer zones which helped us to guide our members to identify allotted sites few issues and ask for rectification

  19. With the help of banks like SBI, Axis bank and Federal bank we organised Loan mela for our members.

  20. We guided unsuccessful allottees too to get there initial deposits back and also we created a separate group for the prospective 3rd phase allottees too.

  21. We constantly followed up with BDA for time extension, finally BDA agreed to provide an extra 30 days time period. totally 90 days penalty free time period since the date of receiving the allotment letter.

  22. Reduction in LCSD and the same is in progress.

  23. We represented BMRCL/ BDA key officers for proposal of metro on MAR road.we were able to convince MLA Somashekar for the same.we are continuously working with BMRCL/BDA and Yeshwanthpur constituency MLA Somashekar for metro lines on MAR road.

  24. We are focusing on Suburban railways connectivity to challaghatta. There by we can have maximum connectivity.

  25. NPKL open forum has stepped into social channels like FB/twitter by tagging key stakeholders.In future we have all the plans to increase the followers on social media, there by we can drag maximum attention.

  26. With the help of our key members, we were able to fetch latest updated maps and the same was shared across the groups and our group strength including all block wise groups is 3500+.

  27. We continuously guided all our allottees throughout the year to gain the maximum benefits out of the forum.